Electric Beach Cruiser eBikes (12)

Teal Electric Beach Coastal Cruiser eBike


Stock GT Malibu Cruiser (Step-Thru)


Stock GT Malibu Cruiser (Step-Over)


Stock Malibu Beach Cruiser (Step-Thru)


Stock Malibu Beach Cruiser (Step-Over)


Grey Electric Beach Cruiser eBike


Black Electric Beach Cruiser ebike


Gold Electric Beach Cruiser eBike


Red Electric Beach Cruiser eBike


Enjoy a leisurely and comfortable ride around the boardwalk or boulevard with an electric beach cruiser. Also known as 'E-cruisers', these bikes offer a trendy style and superior power with an electric motor. So, if you want to relish your daily commute, weekend joy rides, or hangouts with friends, this is the perfect choice.

This summer, why not experience a different way of getting around the beach? Electric beach cruisers provide all the features of a classic beach cruiser - super comfortable seats, wide tires, and handlebars - with the additional fun of an electric motor. Get yourself one today and enjoy the ride with your friends!