Electric "MO-PED" Fat Tire eBikes (4)

eBike Electric Moto Style eBike


Electric Scrambler Style Custom eBike


eBike Moto Style Electric Bike - Kabbit Classic Scrambler Style Electric Bike 1000 Watt


eBike Moto Style Electric Bike - Scrambler Style Electric Bike 750 Watt

Experience the freedom of riding with a custom-made ebike. Our electric "MO-PED" Fat Tire eBikes are the perfect combination of fun, functionality, and style. With an electric motor and a custom frame designed for maximum comfort, these bikes are capable of hauling big loads while going just about anywhere you want to go. With a wide selection of customizations for your comfort and needs, no two bikes are exactly alike. Choose from any number of custom baskets, cargo nets, pedal sets, handlebars, and tires to customize it for your own needs or for smaller riders by choosing smaller handlebars and pedals.