Fat-Tire Cargo Warrior eBike

by Kristy Connard on May 14, 2022
We're not going to lie: we love our Fat-Tire Cargo Bike.

We've been looking for the ultimate fun and stylish electric bike for a long time, and we think we found it with this custom-styled frame featuring fat tires, a metro look, high-speed twist throttle, LED display, and even saddle bags. This way cool electric bike is built to keep you moving forward with a powerful battery that's equipped for up to 40 miles per charge with speeds up to 28 mph.

It also features a 7-speed Shimano drive train for easy shifting so you can ride more efficiently. The LCD display provides you with all the information you need about your current speed, distance traveled, battery life and more!

With a weight of only 80 lbs., this lightweight e-bike will easily carry you wherever your adventure takes you!

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