ERIDE PRO Moto eBikes (4)

OB eBikes ERIDE Pro SS 5000 w / 12000 w Bike in the shop Ebike 19x3 Electric Dirt Bike


Big Bear eBikes ERIDE Pro SS 5000 w / 12000 w Ready to Ride Moto Ebike 19x3 Electric Dirt Bike


ERIDE Pro SS 5000 w / 12000 w Ebike 19x3 Dirt Electric Dirt Bike


ERIDE Pro S 3000 w / 6000 w Ebike 17x3 Dirt Electric Dirt Bike


Introducing the pinnacle of electric dirt biking innovation: the E RIDE PROS collection, exclusively at the Electric Bike Super Shop, your premier destination for cutting-edge electric mobility. The E RIDE PROS lineup, featuring the formidable 72V PRO-SS and PRO-S models, redefines the standards for electric dirt bikes, delivering unparalleled performance and speed. Crafted for the adrenaline seeker, these bikes boast top-of-the-line engineering and the fastest speeds on the market, ensuring an unmatched riding experience.

Each model is a testament to E RIDE PROS' commitment to quality, durability, and high-octane fun. Whether you're tackling rugged trails or exploring off-the-beaten paths, the 72V PRO-SS and PRO-S are equipped to elevate your adventure. Experience the future of electric dirt biking with the assurance of superior power, exceptional range, and robust build.