Electric Step-Over Beach Cruiser eBikes (1)

Get the style of a classic cruiser with the power of an electric motor. Electric Step-Over Beach Cruiser eBikes combine the laid back fun of a classic beach cruiser pedal bike with the added boost of power that's provided by a rechargeable battery and electric hub motor. These e-bikes offer an ideal way to enjoy your favorite mode of transportation while also saving money and eliminating our carbon footprint.

Say goodbye to hills and head off on your dream rides with an Electric Step-Over Beach Cruiser eBike. These e-bikes, which are also known as beach cruisers and E-cruisers, are an optimal way to tackle your daily commute or weekend adventures. With their laid-back style and added fun and extra boost of power that comes with an electric motor, they're the perfect option if you like the laid back style of a classic beach cruiser but want more power and speed.